“I have been traveling this road for many years now. Since fourteen I consciously wanted to devote my life to music and actually did so. Music means all to me – the beginning and the end of the road.  I live with the music. I live for the music. I share my music with the greatest love and belief that my listener feels it.”

Alanas Chosnau is Lithuanian – Kurdish music artist born in Vilnius, grown in Baghdad and returned to Lithuania after the early loss of his beloved mother.

In 1992 ‐ 2001 Alanas was the leader of the then extremely popular band Naktines Personos which released 10 albums and 2 singles with multiple awards the Band of the Year and the Album of the Year. As soon as the first record Mes paukščiai (We Are the Birds) was released, the media immediately labelled Naktines Personos as the new age romantics able to create a solid new edge Lithuanian pop music after the fall of the Soviet Union. And the band successfully did so during their entire life until splitting in 2001.

In 2003 Alanas released his first solo album Pusiau atmerktos akys (Half‐Open Eyes) which turned into a bestseller and gained Alanas his first personal award – the Best Performer of the Year. Album Pusiau atmerktos akys also won the Golden Disc Award and the Best Song of the Year (song Letter on the Snow) awards. His following music album Mintimis su tavimi (With You In My Mind) again won the Golden Disc award in 2003.

In 2006 Alanas was twice awarded with the Best Performer of the Year prize. In 2003 – 2009 he released 7 solo albums, couple of which were mastered in the USA by Grammy Awards’ nominee.

In 2014 the band Naktines Personos was recovered with three successful national tours around Lithuania and abroad, released a digital album Pasaulis toks yra (The World is Like That), however, decided to split in 2018 October.

2018 November Alanas Chosnau released his newest solo single Tu gali arba ne (You Can or You Can Not) and announced his return as a solo artist.

Since then inspirational music work followed gifting Alanas listeners with new solo songs as well as co-produced works. Currently Alanas splits his creative work between Vilnius and Berlin. 

Since 2018 Alanas works with iconic British music producer, remixer and musician from Berlin Mark Reeder and an outstanding music producer Micha Adam at Monumental Studio in Berlin. After the acclaimed response to their first love song Losing My Mind which was featured in the French cold-war movie Le Chant du Loup (The Wolf’s Call), Mark Reeder and Alanas Chosnau now return with their first outtake All Alone from their forthcoming album together, Children of Nature.

In Lithuania Alanas is currently recording the new album Planetos with a famous Lithuanian music producer and DJ Leon Somov, which will be officially released in 2021 and promoted with the national tour Planetos on March / April 2021.

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2003 | Pusiau atmerktos akys

2003 | Mintimis su tavimi

2005 | Iš dangaus

2005 | Akustinis koncertas tamsoje

2007 | Aš kaip ir tu

2008 | Geriausios dainos

2009 | Geri laikai

2020 | Children of Nature

2022 | Life Everywhere


2020 | Children of Nature (Natural Selection EP)


2018 | Tu gali arba ne

2018 | Laiškas ant sniego (White Dust Remix)

2019 | Per daug tavęs

2019 | Už sapnų (Nešk tolyn Remix)

2020 | Laukiau ilgai by Alanas Chosnau & Leon Somov

2020 | Mano naktys by Alanas Chosnau & Leon Somov

2020 | Planetos by Alanas Chosnau & Leon Somov

Main Achievements

2003 | Golden Disc Award, album ‘Half-Open Eyes’

2003 | Best Song of the Year, song ‘Letter on the Snow’

2004 | Best Performer of the Year

2004 | Golden Disc Award, album ‘With You in My Mind’

2004 | Best Male Video ‘My Love for You’

2006 | Best Performer of the Year

2006 | Best Performer of the Year




1993 | Muzika ir daugiau

1994 | Ramiai

1995 | Tiems, kurie mūsų negirdi

1996 | Pažvelk kitaip

1996 | Tikras garsas

1997 | Sexta

1998 | Atvirai

1999 | 9 dainos

2000 | Diena. Naktis

2001 | Šilko kelias

2015 | Pasaulis toks yra


1997 | Kelyje

1998 | Ša la la


2016 | Saulės kraujas

2016 | Gerumu gerumu

2017 | Tiems, kurie liko

2018 | Niekam nesakyk

Main Achievements

1993 | Best Videos of the Year ‘Ir Taip Visada’ and ‘Tavo paveikslas’

1995 | Fans Award for the Song ‘Tiems, Kurie Mūsų Negirdi’

1996 | Pop Band of the Year

1997 | Best Video of the Year ‘Aš Jaučiuosi Taip Keistai

1997 | Top Selling Albums of the Year

1998 | Best Band of the Year

1998 | Best Song of the Year ‘Sukasi Ratu’

1998 | Best Band of the Year

1998 | Most Popular Band of the Year

2000 | Best Band of the Year

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Phone: +370 683 76758
Email: vadyba@alanaschosnau.com

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